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The fine chemicals business of DCM Shriram Industries Ltd. started in the early 70s with a manufacturing facility in the Group’s Industrial Estate in Daurala (near Meerut), U.P., for Photochlorination of Toluene and Cyanation.

The Group soon leveraged its competency to produce value added products and their derivatives using Photochlorination & Cyanation as its core strength.

In 1994, as the Fine Chemicals industry grew, a new company Daurala Organics was promoted by DCM Shriram Industries to produce high value/high technology drug intermediates. Affiliations with three European companies were established to obtain state-of-the-art technology.

Soon, Daurala Organics became one of the leading producers in the World for Pharmaceutical Intermediates, particularly in the Anti-Infective segment using Optical Isomer separation as its core competence.

With rapid strides in technology absorption, the product basket was widened to include intermediates for manufacturing drugs in the lifestyle cardio-vascular segment through Contract Manufacturing with Global MNCs.

The Fine Chemicals business forms a key revenue stream of the Group’s operation and has now been identified as the major thrust area for the Group’s future growth plans.



parallax background


Plants for the manufacture of
Benzaldehyde, Ortho Chloro Benzaldehyde,
DL Phenyl Glycine, D (-) Phenyl Glycine & its derivatives,
D (-) Para Hydroxy Phenyl Glycine and its derivatives,
DL-2-(2-Chloro Phenyl) Glycine,
Phenyl Acetic Acid and its salts.