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The Daurala Complex


  • The complex is spread over 220 acres, with 100 acres for the factory/ plant, and 120 acres for residential/ other purposes.


  • Vicinity of Delhi (50 Miles / 80 Kms) on National Highway.
  • Well Connected to Mumbai Port Through ICD at Delhi.
  • Served by Delhi Airport for Air Dispatches.
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  • 2 Fine Chemicals Plants.
  • 90 M.W. Power Plant. Captive Power Generation based exclusively on Green energy sources.
  • Steam supply from power house turbines.
  • 1,500 TR Refrigeration.
  • Extensive Waste Disposal Facilities (Effluent Treatment Plant, Gas Scrubbing).


  • Dedicated Plant for Each Item / Intermediates.
  • 2-Pilot Plants.
  • Extensive Waste Treatment.
  • Safety, Health & Environment Management Systems.