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Contract Manufacturing

Daurala Organics has started Contract manufacturing & Research for well-known MNCs on their behalf in a state of the art, multipurpose facility conforming to latest manufacturing standards.

The Fine Chemicals group has ties with the prestigious Shriram Institute for Industrial Research (SRI), Delhi.

Contract Research includes following activities :

  • Process development
  • Process validation
  • Working standard preparation & qualification
  • Analytical method development & validation
  • Cost reduction
  • Technology transfer report for further scale up
  • Mass balance
  • Procedure for effluent treatment

Contract Manufacturing includes following activities :

  • P & ID preparation
  • GA Plan preparation
  • Qualification (DQ, IQ, OQ, & PQ)
  • Quality Risk assessment (QRA)n
  • AIA, HIRA & HAZOP studies
  • Cleaning validations etc.,
  • Water Trials
  • Validation Batchest
  • Validation Batchest
  • Proper documentation (i.e. Change control, deviation, System Procedures etc.)

Equipment's and utilities available at Daurala Organics :

  • Reactors (Glass, MSGL, SS, PVDF/FRP)
  • Centrifuges (SS 316 with/without Lead lining) – Top and bottom discharge, with pneumatically conveying system for product.
  • Agitated Nutch Filter Dryers (ANFD)
  • Distillation Kettles (SS, MS,GL)
  • FBD, Vacuum Drier & Closed Loop Drying System
  • Tanks & Vessels (Glass, MSGL, SS, HDPE, PVDF lined FRP, Lead lines FRP, Lead lined MS, Cryogenic Tanks)
  • Systems : Solvent recovery, Dry HCl gas generation, Nitrogen generation,Chilling Plant (-35 degrees Celsius)
  • Process Instruments : HPLC, Polarimeter, UV Spectrophotometer, Refractometer, Titroprocessor, GC, Head space GC, Parr reaction vessel, facilities for low temperatures and hazardous reactions.

Utilities : Refrigeration (Chilled Brine - 450TR / Chilled Water – 1800 TR), own generation of power (90 MW), Steam (350 TPH), Nitrogen, Soft / DM Water.

Effluent Treatment Plant & Incinerator

Two complete state-of-the-art Pilot Plants

Reactions : Friedel Craft reaction, Chlorination (free radical and acid chlorination), Cyanation, Isomer separation, Oxidation, Recemisation, Hydrogenation (reduction), Hydrolysis etc.

Contract Manufacturing